Dad is Destiny

A father is an important person to his children, family and to the society in general. The word father has the meaning of one who is a source, foundation or beginning. This title carries with it a lot of meaning and honor.  It is the only title that God shares with man. How important then should them that carry this title conduct themselves! Fathers can touch their immediate children as well as their numerous generations either with a curse or a blessing.  The family of Noah in Genesis 9:18-29 is a good example of a father who blessed and cursed at the same time. While Noah cursed Ham and his generation for having seen his nakedness, he also blessed Shem and Japheth and their generations for their good and kind actions towards him. The curse was as real to Ham as the blessings were real to Shem and Japheth. So fathers can affect their children and their generations by the words they speak and their actions too.

Dad as destiny should therefore shape up and take up his role in the family appropriately. Dad should remember that he has roles and responsibilities to rise up to. Five of these roles are very key. These are:

1. Present– dad should ensure that he is present to impact the lives of his children.

2. Provider– dad should remember that he has a special duty to provide for his family.

3. Protector– dad protects his family from inside and outside attackers, whether spiritual, moral, physical emotional attackers.

4. Priest– dad is the priest of the family. He teaches, prays and morally guides his family.

5. Prophet– dad speaks and affirms members of his family. All this gives one a sense of belonging, security and importance.

Note: It is important though to note that Jesus became a curse so that we may be blessed. This is the good news to them that may be affected by generational curses. There is hope in that Jesus can break them and set us free.

 Do you have dad issues? Let’s share our joys and disappointments.

Sunday’s sermon (01/07/1212), recapitulated by Rev Manthi. 



  1. Jemalito · · Reply

    True.. Dads shape the generations..

  2. reuben · · Reply

    Truly an inspiring series coming at a time when many fathers have neglected their families. hope the teachings will equip fathers in the church to be real heads of their families just like christ is the head of the church. i applaud you Rev. for the well thought teachings and the seasoned speaker who is well endowed to instil knowledge to those congregats willing to be empowered by the word of God. I wait the coming sermons with zeal. kudos!

  3. Shelly · · Reply

    I was going through one of our dailies today and I came across this story about women who want babies and not husbands, they want to have children with men they do not need or want in their lives.
    Having heard the sermon yesterday, my first thought towards the article and the women therein was, this is the height of selfishness, how do you have a child and deny them the privilege of having and knowing a father? How will this child grow to relate with other men in his or her life? Where will this child get his/her bearing in life from, who will protect this child, how will this child learn leadership? most of all who will call out the Woman or the man in this child. I see us tottering at the brink of raising a generation of disturbed children in a few years from today, if it is not already happening, We all need a father in our lives, please hear me when I say, I am no ignorant to the fact that there are single mothers out there, not by choice but by unavoidable circumstances. But being a single mother out of choice is being unfair to the child and the society that this child will grow up in. I am challenged at the role of a father, Fathers are God’s representatives in our lives and homes and as such they are the foundation on which every home stand on.

  4. Daniel fundi musyimi · · Reply

    most parent complain of their children but most of them don’t play their part well like protecting , providing , teaching word of God and being present all the time . A Parent should understand if you don’t protect , provide, teach the word of God and be present to your children will be protected , provided and get teaching in a different environment . parent can change the young generation .

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